Spring by Kathryn White

Monday, March 7, 2011

Simple Joys

It is a beautiful Monday morning with glorious sunshine streaming into the kitchen as the dish washer is humming and the washing machine is working over-time to get caught up again.
Apart from that it is quiet here as all of my family is now heading to their respective places:
hubby to work, daughter to college, another daughter to high school and a son just leaving for university again after spending the weekend at home. I just love having a full house on the weekends, but it's also good to get back into routine again. Last week was such a busy week for me, that I had no time to post pictures, so I thought that I would share a few before getting ready for my shift at the library today.
On our drive to the Niagara area last weekend, we stopped by to visit my favourite greenhouses where we picked up some spring primroses (primulas) for my Mom as well as for my friend M to bring some Spring cheer their way.
You can read more about Terra Greenhouses in Waterdown here as I posted about it around this time last year.

Simple Joys include:

♥colourful array of primroses♥

♥Spring planter in my home♥

The lovely scenic drive hubby and I took last week,
driving the back roads to the airport in Toronto
to pick up two of our children, who arrived safely back
from their long travels to India with stop over in Dubai.
They were so tired and yet so cheerful
as they regaled us with many stories of their adventures
♥ Welcome Home J&N

♥coffee at my new favourite Cafe with special friends,
who took time out of their busy schedules to care and share♥

♥phone calls, emails, prayers and words of encouragement offered♥

♥catching up with a friend and colleague while on work-training...
thanks N for sharing, caring and driving♥

♥bright yellow tulips to greet us at the library
because S chose to share them with us...
thank you for the lovely Saturday cheer, S

♥A lovely Sunday walk with my two favourite men in the whole world♥
Father and Son walking and discussing...

♥snow does look so pretty, doesn't it?♥

♥icicles dripping during thaw♥

♥snow-covered boughs♥

♥ice floes in the river♥

home from the walk in time for:
♥tea and goodies♥
♥knitting and reading♥
♥homemade soup made with love by hubby♥
♥phone conversations with family♥

♥the lovely book pile that just keeps on growing♥
if only there was more time....
Yesterday hubby finished a book on politics and history
son read one on economics
middle daughter read a topic dear to her heart: social justice
mom read fiction on India
youngest daughter read information on El Salvador for school project
all found in this pile except for youngest daughter's online project:

I wish you all sunshine and simple joys
along Spring flowers to cheer you: