Spring by Kathryn White

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Flowers and Farm Show

Yesterday was a sunny day as we travelled to the Niagara Region to take in Spring in all of it's glory! Our first stop was to our favourite coffee shop for:

We continued on to our next stop; a touch of Spring at Terra Greenhouses in Waterdown. I'm telling you, it is worth the drive! (click to enlarge)
The photos are just a glimpse at what we took in:

From here we visited my Mother, then went for a picnic lunch to a park in Grimsby, overlooking Lake Ontario.
The weather was just beautiful, with a temperature of 18'c although we later saw a sign that indicated it was 19'c. Either way, it was record highs for March.
We enjoyed a submarine and supported the milk industry:

Following our lunch we headed up the escarpment to visit the farms of both of my brothers who had an open house farm tour for the Niagara Region and beyond. Apparently the farmers were eager to see the winter over as well, as there were over 300 farmers, including a bus group from Lindsay/Peterborough area, who visited during the day. Good job boys! I am proud of all the work you put into it....your farms were almost pristine!

We concluded our day visiting our friends in Hamilton, who warmly welcomed us with a mix of Irish, Dutch, and Scottish with the gaelic music playing,and tea and Scottish shortbread served using lovely belleek china inherited from H's grandmother.
Keep up the good work with your dutch, H!
Thanks for the lovely visit, H&M!