Spring by Kathryn White

Friday, March 19, 2010

A Wee Bit of Great Britain in Stratford

Today on our last day of March Break Holidays, our destination was to Stratford, where we met up with friends to spend an enjoyable day shopping, browsing and going out for lunch.
We were greeted by the beautiful City Hall, a landmark in Stratford.

We agreed to meet at our favourite gift shop, Bradshaws, where Spring was definitely the theme in decor! We enjoyed browsing and getting 'ideas'....just dreamin'!

We also popped into a Scottish Shop as well as a British Shop, and enjoyed a sense of travel without the cost of flight!

I saw this line of merchandise in one of the shops and just had to share as it has historical significance for Britain. The poster was created in late 1939, during the beginning of World War II, as a form of boosting morale. ("your courage, your cheerfulness and your resolution will bring us into victory"). It was only displayed in a few places and was thought to have been destroyed. Nearly 60 years later, a bookseller stumbled upon a copy hidden amongst a pile of dusty old books bought from an auction. It has been brought back to popularity and is reassuring in our modern times.
I love this story!

Of course I couldn't resist a photo of one of the many mini coopers I saw driving here today. I am thinking there must be alot of residents of british descent.

We made reservations for lunch at the Sunroom Restaurant, where we were seated in the solarium/sunroom. The food was wholesome and healthy, enjoyed in a great setting with good friends and fellowship!

As we were walking, I spotted my first crocuses of the Spring season:

After some thrift shopping, we parted ways with our friends, and drove the beautiful country roads home again. Of course we had to make a stop at the famous Anna Mae's Bakery in the quaint Amish village of Millbank. We arrived home to enjoy a taste of Spring with our purchase of lemon pie or apple fritters, along with a cup of tea.