Spring by Kathryn White

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday's Simple Joys

This is what we awoke to this morning....
Another blustery, snowy, blowy day with increasing wind chill factor, white outs, drifts and snow-covered roads as I made my way to the library for my shift.
Despite the weather, there was a lot of activity today.
I always enjoy a bustling atmosphere with a steady stream of patrons coming in out of the cold.
The general consensus at the library, other than those who ski and snowmobile, is that Spring can't come soon enough.
We are all craving warmer temperatures along with sunshine and blue skies.
Our car reads the temperature each morning, and this was the reading yesterday:

Thankfully, although the weather outside is frightful, it hasn't stopped us from enjoying some lovely days this past week. This past Thursday evening my hubby and I went on a date along with several other couples to hear a Canadian speaker, humourist and author by the name of Phil Callaway.
If laughter doeth good like medicine (Proverbs 17:22), we sure got a good dose while listening to him. He is both very funny and yet very serious at the same time.
You can visit his website here. He has written many wonderful books, some of which we carry in our library system.
I also spent some lovely time with a dear friend at a 'new to me' place called The Robin's Nest.
I was so thankful to have spent time with her as we shared our hearts over coffee and the best baked goods. I have never had such wonderful date squares before...they came right out of the oven so were so fresh and yummy. If you are a local reader, you must pay a visit to this adorable Coffee Shoppe described this way:

'The Robin’s Nest is a quaint and comfortable coffee house in the town of Elmira. It is a relaxing and familiar place to visit, browse for a new treasure and have a coffee. An eclectic setting of reclaimed furniture and the aroma of freshly brewed fair trade organic coffees and teas create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for this cafe.'

Although Robin is just in the process of creating her web page, you can check it out here

And, you know you are desperate for Spring, when you would climb any mountain just to hang your laundry outdoors...I couldn't wait until the snow piles disappeared so I did in fact climb through snow that came up to my knees just so we could have air-dried fresh sheets at night. They smelled so good and I slept like a bear!

I also took some time to browse thrift and antique shops this past week.
Well, I was out anyway so why not, right?
And tell me, would you not rescue this lovely crochet afghan from a corner at the thrift shop if you spotted it? I can't believe all the work that went into it and just couldn't leave it behind.
I washed it when I got home and as it was drying over chairs, my daughter walked in and exclaimed over it so...it now has a grateful home/owner!

And a touch of Britain, along with my favourite healthy snack, our own fresh farm eggs, boiled then sliced on rye crackers along with a strong cup of tea...just perfect!

We are going out tonight to visit friends,
but I wanted to wish you all a wonderful weekend!
Stay warm and cosy if you are still
in the thick of winter like we are!
If there are signs of Spring, enjoy!
If it is summer where you are,
may your days be pleasant and lovely!