Spring by Kathryn White

Monday, July 26, 2010

Country Fêtes

This was a weekend for many people to enjoy farm and rural activities. The Two Cylinder John Deere Tractor Show was held in our small town so my hubby and I took a stroll over to check out the tractors and to share these images with my brothers, one of which has all John Deere tractors on his farm.

I love the 'ancient' look of this tractor and try to imagine what life was like in 1937:

Great head lamp and steering wheel:

John Deere 5020 diesel:

Portable Shingle Mill:

The John Deere tractors arrived in all sizes and were proudly lined up for display:

"Nothing Runs Like a Deere"

Just added:
My brother's family read this post and sent me a photo of their 5 John Deere Tractors in front of their barn, the farm that I grew up on.
I love the way all the tractors are lined up!

A special family in our community is moving out of the area and we wanted to wish them much happiness and many blessings in their new farming community. The neighbourhood had a bbq/potluck for them, hosted by/at the farm our dear friends, Reg and Liz. Many neighbours came out to join in the festivities as well as to enjoy good food and fellowship.

These lovely garden flowers graced the welcome table where cards awaited J&A and a guest book was made available for signing.

I love the setting of this farm and the way the gardens have been incorporated...you can peek here.

Great window boxes:

Rustic and yet elegant:

We left the Barn Potluck/BBQ, then headed over to a 'stag and doe' event for a couple from our church who will be getting married this Fall. There were many games to be played, as well as prizes to be raffled. One of the tables had a display of beautiful, creative cakes of many kinds to be auctioned off. It was fun to watch the cake auction and to witness the enthusiasm the bidders displayed in their very generous bidding. We had the privilege of enjoying the most stunning views as their home/farm is built on a hill over-looking the Conestoga River. As the evening progressed, a beautiful sun was setting over the valley and fog/mist was rolling in above the river, making it look truly magical. (no camera with me)
Oh, and one more thing...
Don't you just love the pretty summer packaging of this cake, Angel Lush?
After our evening 'stag and doe' event, we found this cake waiting for us in our car. So lovely and such a surprise. Thank you to the dear sweet people who were so kind and generous to us! The cake was delicious and was shared at our Bible Study on Sunday evening where many people enjoyed it, so the blessing went around:)