Spring by Kathryn White

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Farm Report...."Knee High by the 4th of July"

Well, I am not sure why that decades old saying still stands true as the corn in this area far exceeds "Knee high by the fourth of July".
We have had an early Spring with warm temperatures so the corn was planted in the ground earlier.
Alot of rain fall in the past few weeks as well as warmer temperatures and humidity are all factors that have contributed to producing a good corn crop.

I visited with my neighbours Reg and Liz last week and couldn't believe the height of their corn. I have been in the Waterloo region, as well as the Wellington County and can't say that I have seen the corn quite this high. They allowed me to take photos for my farming brothers who love 'farm talk' so here are a few photos for you boys:

My dear hubby (who is 5'11) volunteered to
help out to gain perspective,
so he went into the first row to measure it.
The corn crop looks so healthy
and is planted so evenly...
it is truly a beautiful sight against
the backdrop of the blue sky.

Beautiful gardens and grand vistas:

The clouds were so fabulous:

Meet Priscilla,
named after a Christian Missionary in the Bible.
I just love this corner of the garden
as it looks so ancient Rome'ish.

The silo ruins were turned into a garden room...
so creative and inviting:

Thank you Reg and Liz for your faithful farmer's almanac report and for allowing us the privilege of enjoying your farm fields... and more importantly, your friendship:)
Have a wonderful time in Prince Edward Island and we will look forward to your safe return.