Spring by Kathryn White

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Drive

After a week of rain, my hubby and I wanted to take a country drive to enjoy the beautiful emerald green fields and the fabulous cloud formation in the ever-changing sky. You are welcome to come along and enjoy the countryside with us...(click to enlarge)

You can view more photos of our afternoon drive in this slideshow (click on slideshow)

This morning a friend of mine, K, was sharing that as she was going to the barn for her early morning chores, she was reminded of Ireland and felt a wee bit of that landscape within her own place with the lovely greens and damp weather. Her conversation stayed with me as we drove and I shared her sentiments on our drive. It reminded me of a beautiful Irish Blessing that I wanted to share with you here...
Blessings to you! (pause side bar music)