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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Welcome to Scheveningen!

My dear friends, H&M have arrived in Scheveningen from Ontario, and will be taking a journey down memory lane for M who was born in this seaside village.
Scheveningen is described by Wikipedia as a modern seaside resort with a long sandy beach, an esplanade, a pier and a lighthouse. Many famous dutch artists were drawn to this picturesque village over the centuries. It is also a very busy harbour for ships, fishing boats and tourists who enjoy windsurfing and kiteboarding.
This is my opportunity for some armchair travel as I think of my friends and what they might see and do while in Scheveningen.
(all photos found online)

View the beautiful Steigenberger Kurhaus Hotel:

I do hope they take some time to eat at the Pannekoekenhuis De pier, overlooking the sea. They should sample the apple pancake with sugar and cinnamon (Appel Suiker Kaneel in Dutch) for Euro 6.95 and a hot tea for Euro 2.05.
The restaurant is located on a satellite of the pier in Scheveningen:
And of course they have to sample herring:
Walk the promenade at the piers:
Take photos of this tall and prominent lighthouse:
Stroll along the sandy beaches:
And enjoy romantic sunsets at the pier overlooking the North Sea:
Such beautiful sunsets:
As I was wishing my friends a safe and wonderful holiday, I referred to a book that I was reading. The authors of this book had visited Scheveningen and mentioned some places in the book that my friends will also be visiting and staying at.

The Occupied Garden takes us on a journey to Holland, back in time to the Second World War and the struggles of one family to survive. This story is told by their granddaughters years later as they piece together just what their grandparents had to endure with courage and resilience.
The authors travelled to The Netherlands to see the sights while writing their book. You can read about their travels here

Note to H&M: May the Lord bless your time in The Netherlands and may it be all that you planned and hoped for as you visit with friends and family, as you take that leisurely stroll down memory lane.
Blessings and Love from all of us here!