Spring by Kathryn White

Friday, May 28, 2010

Farm and Garden

It has been an unusually dry, warm Spring season with record highs recorded this week alone. I was chatting with one farmer this morning (R&L are my local farmer's almanac)
and he said that it has been a concern here for the farmers that there has been so little rainfall. We talked about
the dust bowl of the 30's and don't ever want to experience that here. If people complain about the rain, I use that example as a reminder of what could potentially happen if we didn't get the rains....food for thought! This afternoon the clouds broke and the rains came down in torrents for about 20 minutes, not alot of rain, but something to be thankful for.
Everything seems to be in bloom at the same time here, and the fragrance is just wonderful!
I took a little walk about my yard this morning with my camera for the latest in the gardens, and thought that I would share just some of the blooms with you.

Come and join me on the garden tour:

Weigela and Lilacs:

Sweet Woodruf:
Chestnut tree:
Of course the dandelion blooms/seeds without fail here:
Solomon's Seal:
Bleeding Heart:
Mountain Ash:
Purple Columbine and Cornflower or Bachelor's button: Narcissus:
The farmers have been busy this week working in the fields to fill silos (silage/haylage), making the most of this dry and warm weather:

Rows and rows of hay: Sunset after another hot and humid day: