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Monday, April 26, 2010

The Verdict is in....

Our Saturday evening Thai cuisine was a huge hit with my family and it was decided by all that it was worthy of a repeat!
I didn't have alot of time to study the cookbooks as different family members had to leave again early evening, so I set to work with the assistance of my youngest daughter, J, who happily played the role of chef alongside with me, as well as photographer and table setter.

I found two recipes that gave me a good start for the meal; the rest was all improvised with the ingredients I had on hand and the memory of our recent dining experience at Bangkok Cuisine.
These were the cookbooks I referred to:

The vegetables were gathered and washed, then chopped and placed in a heated wok:
These sauce bottles were a real time-saver and were perfect for the different dishes:
We discussed using basmati or jasmine rice, but this seemed more authentic to me:
I used red and green peppers, red onion and shallots, carrots, snow peas, minced garlic, marinated cucumber slices, adding wedges of tomatoes, fresh pineapple chunks and cilantro for the last minute of cooking. I sauteed this in olive oil, adding soya sauce, oyster sauce, some ketchup, two tablespoons of chili pepper sauce and some beef broth for simmering:
The pork was fried, then simmered in the red curry sauce (used the entire jar in the photo)then served over noodles with fresh cilantro as garnish: Lime slices and fried coconut were also used as garnishes:
I was pleased that my daughter worked alongside me to create the wonderful Thai dinner which we all enjoyed.
I know that these experiences are so valuable to instill in her a love for cooking and in particular a love for international/ethnic cuisine:
We had thai music playing and also watched several short videos of Thailand.(found online)
We all agreed that Thailand was a land of vibrant colour and stunning beauty! We definitely want to do more 'arm chair' travel to Thailand in the future!

I share all the details only to inspire all of us to explore different cultures and food experiences...it is so rewarding!
Thailand - Thai Cuisine and Tastes: