Spring by Kathryn White

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oh, the Piles, and Piles and Piles of....

laundry, mail, books, shoes, dirt and dust, over-flowing garbage, clutter etc.
It doesn't sound pretty, does it?
But that's exactly what happens in a week when I spend more time away from home than in it!
We are a busy family of six with all of our comings and goings: work for hubby and myself, schools both high school and college for three of the children , shift work for the eldest daughter, appointments, errands and pleasure outings, driving for youth events, visiting my mother almost a 2 hour drive away.
So the doors here continue to revolve for all of us and the piles continue to grow!

I was so happy today to be home so that I could play catch-up again.
The first thing I did was tackle the growing laundry piles and filling the clothesline:

All the shoes went into the closet where they should be parked in the first place to keep the mud room less muddy and more tidy: This is what happens when we forget to collect the mail....more piles:
But a basket does wonders to contain it until we can all take turns going through our respective mail and filing or eliminating it:
Bathrooms got a good scrubbing:
My hubby picked up a trailer load of mulch this morning, so I took a break in the house to work beside him to tackle the gardens...a work in progress, however, the pressure is on as the girls (B, S, K) want to have a progressive garden tour in the month of May, or was it June? Anyone want to join us?
Piles of mulch waiting to be put on the gardens:
The gardens are looking better already:
The joys of a library bring more piles, this time books! Hubby and son N:
Mine: Oldest daughter, K:
Middle daughter, J:
Youngest daughter, J: Thanks for thinking of us, K, with this pretty book:
All of the books are gathered and stored in a large basket:
With the exception of these Thai cookbooks which I plan to study with my feet up and a cup of tea, so that I can impress my family tonight! I'll be sure to take notes if they think dinner was a success!
It feels so good to have clear surfaces and a tidy home again:
"There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort...."~Jane Austen