Spring by Kathryn White

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Of Quaint Towns

Last week my daughter, J, and I had to go into the lovely and quaint town of Fergus for several appointments. We arrived early and had some time to enjoy the beautiful walking trail along the Grand River. The sunlight was filtering through the trail as we hiked to the waterfalls....
(added: all photos taken with my camera unless otherwise noted)

...and enjoyed the peaceful morning before making our way into the town of:

This is what we read about Fergus:

"The first house of this predominantly Scottish community was erected in 1833. A hotel was built in 1834 and a sawmill, grist mill, church and school followed in 1835.
They soon established a vibrant economy, using the waterfalls on the Grand River as power for local industry. The Scots built solid stone houses, factories and other buildings which have characterized Fergus to this day. Many of the houses and factories built by these early settlers are still in use today -- occasionally occupied by descendents of the original owners."

A favourite shop to visit when in Fergus....the bookstore of course!

And the Dutch Shop for our cheese and other goodies:
Church on the hill:
The former grist mill, now turned into condominiums: