Spring by Kathryn White

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Charming Chickens and Stinky Skunks

We live on the edge of town with a wooded lot beside us. Although we are not officially in the country, we are surrounded by farms, so it shouldn't surprise me to see evidence of this fact.
I smell it in the Spring when the farmers are out working in the fields spreading 'the stuff'.
I hear it in the wee hours with the coyotes howling, and recently I awoke to that terribly stinky, pungent, powerfully malodorous scent of a skunk. I was hoping that it had drifted in from some nearby farm or possibly some roadside incident. (You know what I mean)
Well, after investigating, it was clear that the odour came from none other than our chicken house, where we house our hens who faithfully supply us with eggs each day.
So, before the whole neighbourhood complained, we phoned our good friends for a trap and within a day caught the culprit, went for a drive and released it into the wild. For those who might wonder if we got sprayed, here's the trick: cover the trap in a blanket except for the entrance of course. We used peanut butter for bait but apparently fish of some variety such as sardines or tuna would also do the trick in luring them into the trap. (thanks for the tips and help, R&L and S&C)
We set the trap again incase the relatives were also hanging out near the hens, and this morning we discovered...... a raccoon in the trap.
We wanted a taste of country life, we embraced and welcomed it, but did it have to be this close?
Stay tuned....

Meet our charming chickens, or should I say hens!
They have recently come out of hibernation to enjoy Spring-like temperatures.

The culprits do look kind of cute from far, don't they?