Spring by Kathryn White

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Beauty in Art and Music

It has been a quiet afternoon here with glorious sunshine streaming through the windows as I have had the pleasure of catching up on my reading as well as having the luxury of a much-needed nap.
I thoroughly enjoyed both books that I recommended to you yesterday, feeling like I had truly travelled to both India as well as Italy.
Secret Daughter has also given me a better picture of India where my daughter is presently.
I really miss her but am so thankful that she is in good hands (thank-you N) and that we will reunite next month.
In the meantime, I am gearing up for a major Spring cleaning project which I will share about tomorrow. That also means that I will be winding down here at Seasonal Hearth, which I will also share about soon. I really should be completing my course as well as the online exam but am a royal procrastinator. Can anyone relate? Instead I am distracted by the beauty of art and music, which I am now passing along to you....
My middle daughter introduced this group to me this afternoon. I just had to share the beauty and gift of their music with you.

Art by Artist: Angela Staehling

Aston is group of young musicians from Sydney, Australia who wanted to challenge the traditional sound of both classical and pop music. Daniel (percussion), Hanna (cello), Eliza (violin), Michael (violin), Will (guitar) and Ella (piano) bonded over their passion for not wanting to follow the traditional classical path at the Conservatorium of Music...
Enjoy the beauty of their music......don't forget to pause the playlist at the bottom of the screen...