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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gallop into the Wild West....

...at your nearest library.
We are having a western theme this week at our library during March Break, while the children have the week off from school. There have been many programmes planned in the Wellington County including at our local Branch, with much enthusiasm from the Programmers as well as the children.
Although I am a country girl at heart and love this rural area, love country music, love horses, and love pioneer stories, I've discovered that I don't own a single western clothing item and had to borrow from friends...
Denim clothing and a bandana go a long way, but wouldn't cowboy boots with stirrups and a cool cowboy hat be fun?
I wanted to share this art with you:
Counting my Blessings
by Jack Sorenson
If you love horses, you will love his work which you can view here
You can also find some great activities for children with a western theme here.
I thought that I would share a few photos of the great display that one of our programmers, S, put together with some help. I just love her creative approach!

Beautiful Western Saddle

Howdy Partner!

I am off now to get ready for my shift at another library, but wanted to drop by to say:
*Howdy Partner*, as I wish you all a lovely day wherever you may be, and as we continue to pray for all those affected by this recent disaster in Japan...cherish one another and celebrate the gift of each new day that you are given.

Building Memories by Jack Sorenson