Spring by Kathryn White

Saturday, February 5, 2011

His Mercies Are New Every Morning

Because of the LORD’s great love
we are not consumed,
for his compassions never fail.
They are new every morning;
great is your faithfulness.
Lamentations 3:22-23

It is another beautiful day here in Southern Ontario; the sun peeking through the grey clouds,
with blue skies on the horizon and the temperatures rising to -8'c.
All good indications that the deep freeze is coming to an end.
I am having a cosy stay at home day today and after some house-cleaning,
hope to complete my knitted project. I will be sure to share with you soon...
I did want to share some photos of this past Thursday with you as my hubby
was waiting for me to come home from my appointment
so that I could join him on a drive to run some business-related errands.
I can't refuse a country drive and was eager to go along on a 'romantic date':)
We went through some of the cutest and quaintest little towns and villages.
I could have told you judging by the names of the villages, that we travelled to
Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, England, Scotland etc.
We drove through villages with the name of:
Dublin, Exeter, Chiselhurst, Cromarty, Donegal, Britton, Monkton, Bornholm,
Carmunnock, Moncrieff, McNaught, Winthrop, Brodhagen etc.
Who needs to spend money on a whirlwind European tour
when you can travel the back roads of southern Ontario?
I took a few photos of winter on the drive....

Seaforth Feed Mill

E. D. Smith since 1882

ice build-up

more icicles

sunshine and blue skies...glorious

Doesn't this sign make you feel like you are near the Ocean?
West Coast?
It isn't far from Lake Huron though...

A stop at our favourite Coffee Shop

Just have to add that the headlines were about Justin Bieber,
the most popular singer with the younger generation.
I took these photos for my niece, K who is a fan of his.
I love what he shares in the article here
Justin comes from the same town
as my blogging friend, Donna.
Some words of wisdom from such a young lad.
My Dad always told me:
'Be humble, lest you stumble'...so true!

and knows how to promote our favourite coffee shop...

driving through quaint Dublin...

Does this not make you feel like you are in Dublin, Ireland?

love the signs

snow piles

great building fronts

beautiful Victorian homes

more icicles

love the sunshine and shadow...
Our lives can be that way, can't they?

The country drive,
spending time with hubby,
listening to inspirational music in the car
and just being surrounded by beauty did me a world of good.
Sunshine puts everything in perspective again, doesn't it?
God's mercies are truly new every morning,
Great is His faithfulness!

Sunshine And Shadow
Life has its shadows, as well as its sun;
Its lights and its shades, all twined together.
I tried to single them out, one by one,
Single and count them, determining whether
There was less blue than there was grey,
And more of the deep night than of the day.
But dear me, dear me, my task’s but begun,
And I am not half way into the sun.

For the longer I look on the bright side of earth,
The more of the beautiful do I discover;
And really, I never knew what life was worth
Till I searched the wide storehouse of happiness over.
It is filled from the cellar well up to the skies,
With things meant to gladden the heart and the eyes.
The doors are unlocked, you can enter each room,
That lies like a beautiful garden in bloom.

Yet life has its shadow, as well as its sun;
Earth has its storehouse of joy and sorrow.
But the first is so wide – and my task’s but begun –
That the last must be left for a far-distant morrow.
I will count up the blessings God gave in a row,
But dear me! When I get through them, I know
I shall have little time left for the rest,
For life is a swift-flowing river at best.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox