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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday's Simple Joys

It was a lovely relaxing Saturday today; a perfect day to share my simple joys as the weather has given cause for a cosy evening indoors. I was eager to get out tonight to a new 'club' created for the library staff by my friend and colleague Kiirstin, whose enthusiastic invitation was so hard to resist. Tell me, would this not intrigue you?
Do you like to talk about books? Do you like to talk about books with other
people who like to talk about books? Do you find yourself talking about
books to your books?....imagine: talking about books with a number of your
book-loving co-workers while relaxing with a beverage of your choice
and some snacks...Bring a book or a title you love (or hate!)
and tell us why!

I knew exactly which books I wanted to bring along to share, but it will have to wait for the next time as I am not crazy about winter driving at night especially when the roads are slippery.

One of today's simple joys was talking on skype with my daughter in India. She and her boyfriend are experiencing 34'c during the day there, while we are averaging -12'c along with blustery conditions here. I promised to share a few more winter shots with N&K, so this afternoon after picking up some library lovelies, (will share next week) my youngest daughter and I headed to Lens Mill Store in Hawkesville for a project I will be working on during the next few weeks. As we drove along Conestoga Lake, I noticed a lone fisherman ice fishing on the lake. I love the contrast of his red coat against the white snow.
I hope he has success...it is too cold to just sit there with no action or activity on his fishing pole.

A little further, the snowmobilers were racing along the trails,
making the most of these perfect winter conditions.

After making our purchases at Len's Mill Store, we made a stop at the Wallenstein General Store for some supplies. I love this place as it evokes a sense of nostalgia of a time past.
I took these photos for Sue who is so intrigued by the Amish and Mennonite way of life.

These sleds are very popular in the winter
for the children to go tobogganing down the hills

Stacks of fencing logs

Horses and buggy awaiting their owner

Can you read the sign inside the buggy shed?
I love it, don't you?

Walking down the road with their wagon loaded
with dry goods purchased at the General Store

Do you remember an article about Mennonites that I shared with you in a recent post?
You can view the Globe and Mail Article here.
I shared this with Sue, but wanted to let you all know that this is what we see regularly around these parts and as a matter of fact, this rink is 15 minutes from our home
and almost in my friends G&S's back yard.
I was very careful about maintaining their privacy,
but wanted you all to see the lovely setting of this great skating/hockey rink.
I just love it!

Right now, my hubby and youngest daughter are having some bonding time over The Red Green Show, with the duct-tape guy. I think you have to be a red-neck Canadian to get it, eh?

I posted the other day about a challenge put out by Dee over at Red Dirt Ramblings
about keeping the winter blues at bay. I wanted to share some of my simple joys
and the ways that I am enjoying/embracing this winter using Dee's challenge/formula:

♥ Walking and being outdoors for short periods every day
As I type this, the snowmobilers are whizzing by,
making me long for a snowmobile of my own...hubby, are you reading this?
♥ I do take fish oil daily as it also helps with inflammation
♥ I am going to tackle something I have not done in a long time~ a knitting project!
If you are a local knitter, I might be asking for your help:)
♥ I am taking a library course which has taken me on all sorts of reading rabbit trails
♥ Art and Music are my inspiration for the winter months as I am exploring both on a deeper level.
♥ I bought some tulips today that make me think of Holland and Spring:)
♥ We always eat home-cooked meals so I would say that we generally eat healthy, with a good mix of fresh fruit and veggies included in our diet
♥ Feeding my soul is a daily exercise that I value and cherish

I love what Dee shares about un-plugging and am challenging myself and my family to spend more time in creative pursuit. We are actually playing more games and doing more puzzles again.
We rarely have the television on, but do love to watch a good movie.
The kettle is boiling so I am off soon to make my tea and begin my knitting project which I will now share:

The puzzle we worked on this week:
Sonata by Firelight
Artist Judy Gibson

Completed puzzle
Isn't this such a lovely and serene setting?

And now, introducing you to my knitting project...
When Tina over at The Quiet Home
shared her newest creation Rosie,
I just knew that would be a perfect project for me.
I think Rosie is just adorable, all the way down to her converse shoes!
If you are interested, you can order a pattern from Tina.
All the information is over at her blog.

And if I need a break from knitting,
I can always browse through the magazines I picked up today at the library:)

How was your Saturday?
How are you passing the long days of winter?
Do tell...