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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Armchair Travel Tuesday: la vie française

As I mentioned in a previous post, my friend calls me the "quintessential armchair traveler" and she is right.
I really enjoy travelling the world over from the comfort of my own home.
A lovely cup of tea and a comfortable armchair are the perfect companions, although I always enjoy the company of my hubby and children as well:)
We have been to many countries together and all thanks to Rick Steves and his travelling videos. Curiosity about the world leads to discovery through both books and videos.
There is so much beauty and diversity in this world, fascinating culture of the people, along with ethnic foods, customs and traditions.
Arm chair travel is the perfect way to pass the cold winter months here in Ontario.
We can watch and dream, yet never having to leave the comforts of our home.
Recently a friend of mine, who was part of our dinner club which I shared about in a post here, lent me a beautiful book that she had acquired.
It is the story of a family who uprooted and moved from Melbourne in Australia, to Normandy in France. The author, Jane Webster, explains it this way:

"Our family trips to France became more frequent. We experienced more of the French countryside with each trip...
I was struck by the beauty of this region- its verdant farmlands, bustling markets and amazing regional produce-and by the generosity of its locals. Those
château also started to catch my eye again. Over time I became preoccupied with the idea of château life, of immersing my young family in the culture, the language and cooking of the French countryside...."

At my French Table,
is the result of the journey this family took to move to France, along with their experiences, stunning photos of the countryside and the
château they brought back to life with much work and effort as well as expense. This book is also filled with many wonderful french recipes, including a favourite of mine called clafoutis, a cherry cake dessert. I thoroughly enjoyed reading and envisioning the details of the Webster family's life in France through the pages of this book.

I wanted to include a few more titles that I have taken out of the library and also enjoyed immensely. I won't write a review for each book as it is time-consuming, but you can review all these books at amazon, and they are also available at most libraries.
(all at our Wellington County library branches...we are so blessed:)

It was after watching this movie, that I was inspired
to host a french dinner in my home. You can read about it here.
If you have an interest in french life, you can check out these two blogs of writers who have moved their families to France and now share their journey and life experiences here:
A Writer's Life in France and French Essence

I also came across a great site to learn french online:
French Word-A-Day (slice of french life)

And if you would like to listen to french music while perusing the links I have included, you can go here.
(be sure to pause playlist below)

Merci beaucoup, mes amis!
Bien des choses à tous!
Bien amicalement and