Spring by Kathryn White

Monday, October 25, 2010

Friesland: Of Windmills and Wooden Shoes

There are 195 windmills in the province of Friesland, from a total of about 1200 in the entire country. For a complete list of windmills and their location, check out this site:
Windmills in Friesland.
Below are just a few of the windmills we saw while in Friesland, both in the towns and villages as well as dotting the landscape.

De Groene Molen (1800) taken from the boat in Joure

De Rat windmolen in IJlst (1828) taken by Udo Ockema

Same windmill taken while we were visiting
our family in IJlst:

De Snipmolen in Workum taken by Udo Ockema

De Sweachmermolen (1782) in Langweer

De Korenmolen de Kaai (1782) in Sloten

And yes, some dutch people still wear these humble,
yet useful wooden shoes....

Wooden Shoes or Wooden Clogs

Wooden Shoes nailed to the wall for decor

Wooden Shoes on display and for use
outside the entry of a home in Urk

Wooden shoes in a stand
to wear in the garden in Giethoorn

Wearing Wooden Shoes
at the Joustermerke

Wooden Shoes for sale
in Amsterdam