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Friday, October 22, 2010

Friesland: Fashion and Shopping

Fashion in Friesland

What can I say about the fashion in the Netherlands/Friesland and European fashion in general? Yes, I took note and all I can say is this:
I love it!
Fashion is taken very seriously in the Netherlands and it seems that everyone is dressed beautifully when they go out, whether it be for church, for work, for visiting, or just for shopping.
This is what I observed:
The main fashion colours for Fall this year are black, grey and purple.
Bulky, chunky, cosy knit sweaters, along with scarves, leggings and boots are a fashion statement.
I tried to capture a few photos for my family and friends here, but the glare caused by window shopping made some of the photos somewhat unclear.
This will give you a general idea:

Even the men dress fashionably and it is not unusual to see them wearing this while strolling down the street:

Children's Department:
It is so much fun to browse all the toys that are available for children from companies such as Lego, Intertoy, Playmobil, wooden puzzles, toys, dolls, teddy bears, crafts, colouring, etc.
The selection here is huge as there is a bigger emphasis for children to be kept occupied indoors because of the seaside climate; the often rainy, overcast weather.

And the small children all sleep in their cribs/toddler beds
in a sleeping bag like this to keep warm.
This is called a trappelzak:

Don't you just love the children's clothing?
Everything is just so fashionable, adorable and cute!

Frisian items, including aprons, knitting and other handwork,
towels, books etc. line many speciality shop windows:

Oh, and if thrift shopping is your interest and hobby, you will need to check out the Rommelmarkt and walk down memory lane if you have a dutch heritage.
There was a warehouse full of these items for a koopje or good deal!

Antique tins:

Petroleum Stoofjes/Stoves:

Shopping in Friesland

Most of the shopping in Friesland occurs in the Midstraat or shopping centre in the downtown of the village. There is a cobblestone pathway with shops on either side. No cars can drive along here, but there are many strollers as well as cyclists who come through and park their locked bicycles in front of the shops they visit. The shops generally close between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m.in the evenings and on Saturdays, and do not open again until 1:30 p.m. on Monday afternoon. There are very few shops open on Sunday here in Friesland as that is still considered a day of rest. Most families use this day as a family day where they will plan an outing on bike or by car, or go boating and camping in the summer.

Koopavond in the Joure
The shops stay open one evening a week,
usually on a Thursday or Friday.
In the Joure they are open on Friday evenings.
This becomes a gezellig event for many families
as they browse through shops and enjoy window shopping,
visiting with friends, going to the snack bar for patat frites,
or a cafe for a bakje koffie.

Anyone interested in a shopping adventure with me?