Spring by Kathryn White

Friday, August 13, 2010

FFF~ Summer Thankfulness

Party time! It's the 100th post of Friday's Fave Five over at Susanne's place, so I am joining in with others to count my blessings over the past week.

This summer has flown by and although we are still enjoying the month of August, there is a Fall nip in the air as the evenings are getting cooler. I want to make the most of each day and so I am open to all the options including...


A Go-karting experience that my family talked/bribed me into taking with them. It gave them great delight to see me racing around each corner in a somewhat controlled manner with a big, awkward helmut on my head enduring a very bumpy ride. I guess I can say that I am thankful that I made their day!


At the start of this summer, we were dismayed to find that the pool did not survive our cold winter months and that the ice build-up had caused damage to the liner. My hubby decided that it was worth the work to replace the liner for his family and we are all so thankful that he did as the pool has brought much refreshment and water fun for family and friends.


Yesterday was spent enjoying a wonderful Afternoon British Tea at the home of a friend who wanted to make time out of her busy scedule for the importance of connecting with friends over tea. I was thankful for the lovely setting on her front porch, overlooking beautiful countryside.

We were also invited this week to visit dear friends at their rented cottage almost 3 hours south of us on Lake Erie. Although we knew that there would be alot of driving involved, we were thrilled for the invitation and didn't hesitate to take them up on their gracious offer to spend the day with them. We enjoyed a wonderful beach day as well as fishing for some, reading and relaxing for others and canoeing for all of us. (more later)


My girls came home from a shopping trip last weekend and presented me with 4 lovely hand soaps...on sale they claimed. They stressed the fact that two of them were meant for the summer season: fresh linen and sea island cotton, and two for the Fall: warm vanilla sugar and twilight woods. Yes, they know their mother:)

Feel free to go over to Susanne's blog to read her FFF's which I really appreciated her sharing as I feel the same way. You can read more here at Living to Tell the Story.

"There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart". ~Celia Thaxter