Spring by Kathryn White

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer, Simplified

Today promised to be a perfect summer day with blue skies and warm temperatures. (28'c) The forecast for tomorrow and Saturday is rain with a chance of thunder-showers, so we wanted to make the most of this warm and pleasant day.
We worked together to get the housework done, the chickens tended to, the laundry on the line, the outdoor planters watered, and the sun tea made and set out on the porch in the sun, before our company arrived. My youngest daughter invited her friend over for the afternoon, and my sister stopped by then left her two younger children to spend the day with their Aunt Joanne.

My daughter Jill hauled out all the pool toys, while I cut a bouquet of day lilies from the garden to enjoy as we spent time on the back deck:

The beach ball needed to be blown up for pool volleyball:

Of course a magazine is a treat to browse through while snacking on chips and iced juice:

The kids enjoyed the water and spent most of the afternoon going from noodles to row boat, with plenty of jumping and swimming in between:

Snack time included popsicles and chocolate drumsticks, (my middle daughter enjoyed some relaxing time after a busy day at work) colouring and playing with playdough:

Jill and her friend went for a long hike, then rewarded themselves with a pina colada, using the blender, icecubes, crushed pineapple and the pina colada mix...very refreshing!

And thanks to Clara's inspiration, we enjoyed a meatless pasta dish tonight. I used fresh herbs from the planter just outside my kitchen door, as well as zucchini, (thanks again J&M) red and orange peppers, garlic, onions, and tomatoes. I served this with whole wheat pasta and grated cheeses, along with a spinach salad.
My family approved!