Spring by Kathryn White

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Fruit of our Labour

It is another beautiful day with little humidity and the sun is shining with moderate temperatures of 23'c, a lovely reprieve from all the cool, rainy weather we have experienced here. I do know that it will get warmer yet by the weekend, great for crop growth! I thought I would take you on a quick garden tour to check out the day lilies,
the lambs ear, the lavender and the astilbe.

My youngest daughter is helping me cook up the jam. She loves working in the kitchen, which is a bonus for me:)

Here is the fruit of our labour:
12 strawberry and 6 blueberry jam.

I would love to get more strawberries next week as I have run out of time this weekend, however, the season is just about done and was short-lived due to all the rains we had.
I will be thankful for what I have as the strawberry jam will go well with scones this winter:)

We are so excited to take our family tonight to a Robin Mark concert. Our family loves his gentle, peaceful and worshipful music and have several of his CDs.
Kathie, her husband and church family had the privilege of hosting Robin Mark from Belfast, Ireland to their church in Belfast, PEL, for a conference recently.
You can read more about it over at her blog, Island Sparrow.
Added: My brother just picked him up this afternoon from the airport and put him on the phone with me. How cool is that? In his lovely Irish lilt he wished us a safe trip and said he was looking forward to tonight...