Spring by Kathryn White

Friday, May 7, 2010

Are You My Mother?

This past week after visiting friends, we drove past a field spotted with cattle, many with their young. I just had to spend a few minutes watching, and so my faithful hubby pulled over and both of us enjoyed observing the mother/baby calf interaction. It just warmed my heart to see how caring and protective the mother was to her young: Until I saw this and it gripped my heart. This young black calf was sniffing to check out this mother and was not well received. Although the calf followed the cow, wanting to feed, the cow was indifferent as she walked away, refusing to give of her time to this little calf.
I am trusting that the farmer is aware and is taking care of this precious little baby calf, or that the calf has in the meantime found his mother:
It reminded me of the book my children loved reading with me when they were young:Yesterday I had the privilege of taking my three daughters out for the day where we spent some Mother/Daughter time, enjoying a lovely lunch together. One of my girls asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day, then pressed on to say,
"What do you really want. What is your heart's desire?"
My response was this:
"What do I really, truly want? I want all of my children to love and care for each other, to get along and to show kindness and respect at all times."
She smiled and said,
"Mom, you say that every year"
Well, at least I am consistent in this...