Spring by Kathryn White

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Daytripping! I invite you to come along....

After seeing my hubby and high school daughter out the door at 7:10 am, my middle daughter and I left shortly after 8:15 am to spend the day together. We slowly wandered the back roads taking in the beauty of the early morning glitter of snow on the trees and in the fields.
Driving past Mennonite schools we saw children skating and playing hockey out on the ice rinks before the morning school bell rang. I would have loved to have taken a photo to share with you, however, my daughter discouraged me saying that they have a right to privacy...she's right so you are just going to have to envision it, or take a peek at this wonderful link that Sue in Australia discovered then shared with me in a recent post:
(You will think that I have just contradicted myself, but it appears that this group gave permission to be photographed)
You can view the Globe and Mail Article here.
I shared this with Sue, but wanted to let you all know that this is what we see regularly around these parts and as a matter of fact, this rink is 15 minutes from our home.
Those who read my blog and live locally might recognize this lovely spot.
Do you remember the recent post where I featured Amish cookbooks by Lovina Eicher with Kevin Williams? There is also a newsletter associated with the books that you may find interesting.
Thanks again to Sue, I have enjoyed the peek into the Amish way of living.
You can find the newsletter here.
After dropping my daughter off at her hair appointment, I parked the car and walked along some of my favourite paths in Elmira to capture some of the beauty of the morning. Although my camera is limited, the sun was shining gloriously and it was all so breath-taking and beautiful!
(you can click on photos to enlarge)

After my walk, I stopped by at my sister's for a quick coffee and visit before heading back to pick up my daughter, then proceeded to the lovely village of St. Jacob's for some shop browsing followed by lunch at Jack's, a new family restaurant that she wanted to visit. The food was excellent and we enjoyed chatting together. You would have enjoyed it:)
Across the way was an antique warehouse, so we wandered over to have a browse.
In the parking lot, the horses waited patiently for their drivers to return.

Shopping completed, it is time to leave...

Inside the antique warehouse,
my daughter was on the lookout for two items:
♥ a retro phonograph/record player as vinyl has returned...
who knew?

This one was just beautiful!

♥ and a vintage typewriter

This is an original dutch coffee grinder.
Remember my favourite coffee song?
You can listen here
(don't forget to pause the playlist below)

Dutch blue delft and clocks

gorgeous blue delft vases


snowshoes for the winter snow

winter sleds/racers

laundry wringer and tub

No, this is not PEI, but the green trim
with white siding reminds me of the
Anne of Green Gables houses I saw in PEI.

These are typical Mennonite homesteads...

laundry lines were full at most farmsteads...
how I love it!

ponies at this farm...

Mennonite church

I could have been gone all day as I was thoroughly enjoying the countryside...my daughter was kind enough to put up with my stops at intervals, but it was time to head back to pick my youngest daughter up from her bus stop at 3:10 pm. We came home, had our cup of tea, along with ginger cake, made quiche for supper....so easy with frozen pie shells, farm-fresh eggs, milk, broccoli, mushrooms, ham and cheese (Cheddar and Monterey Jack)
I forgot to buy red peppers, so I added red pepper flakes and Sun-dried Tomato and Herb Mix
from Epicure....No, I don't sell it but I sure love using it.
I am serving the quiche along with a caesar salad...

And now I have shared my day tripping with all of you.
You are welcome to join me anytime...just call ahead:)