Spring by Kathryn White

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kerst Stukjes~Christmas Centerpieces

Four of us met early this morning at our friend A's home for a day of creating and visiting. Our friend has lived in Friesland for years with her husband and children before settling on a farm near my home, so she is very familiar with the dutch customs and traditions. One of her favourite seasons is Christmas, and one of her special annual activities during this time is to gather with a group of friends to make the Kerst Stukjes or Christmas Centerpieces. When we arrived, she had the woodstove going, fragrant candles lit and the coffee on which we enjoyed along with baked goodies and much conversation and laughter...

After our morning coffee, we all went out to her shed to choose greenery to create our centerpiece. She had cut so many different branches from her property including red dogwood, spruce and pine, euonymus and holly. The fragrance was just wonderful, making me want to linger...

Back inside, with the Christmas music playing in the background, we began snipping and creating, all of us having a different basket or arrangement in mind. A was a very patient and encouraging instructor as she spent time sharing ideas and being helpful.
Although I don't consider myself to be very crafty, I must admit I was having a lot of fun!
The completed centerpieces were proudly displayed, each uniquely different...

For lunch, my friend served a wonderful quiche, coleslaw, veggies and dip....
The dessert was unbelievable! I have never had Tiramisu cheesecake before, but it was so decadent and delicious!
My friend A is a gifted baker!

Following our lovely lunch, we watched a DVD together featuring a very humorous lady you might be familiar with, Anita Renfroe, who became famous for her youtube sensation called Momsense. We all enjoyed some good laughs as we could relate to her anecdotes.
The candle on A's coffee table expresses my sentiments during this season and all year through as I am so grateful for the friendships God has blessed me with.
Back home again, the centerpiece is gracing my table and looking so cosy with glowing candlelight illuminating the room.
This truly is a gezellig/cosy time of year. Thanks A for your gracious and generous hospitality and for making the day so special for all of us today!

I just had to share the following as this was an email I received this morning from my dear sister P, who has such a busy life at the moment. I am so proud of her as she has had to overcome so much in life and as a result has learned that "a merry heart/laughter truly doeth good like medicine"~Proverbs 17:22
I just love her and her sense of humour as she gave me a dose of medicine this morning! She's making fun of me, or being facetious,
but I can take it from her:)
i spent a leisurly 1/2 hour before the storm of a new day began to enjoy the delights of seasonal hearth. my heart burst with the beauty of the awesome nature photos and drooled (sophisticated i know) when viewing the spectacular delights of the culinary sort. i sighed with dismay to see the crashed dishes scattered but then quickly regained hope and realized "its all vanity". never before have i seen such raw talent when viewing the assortment of entries in one of the best and only blogs i have had the priviledge of partaking in. as a matter of fact, i believe your favorite establishment in which you enjoyed your latte could benefit from the giftings of such a woman as you.

have a great day, P