Spring by Kathryn White

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas in Italy: Books Browsed

"A festively decorated house filled with family, friends,
and song,and a holiday table laden with delicous food
~that's an Italian Christmas.
Buon Natale!"

..."Italy and its wonderful flavors have always had a major influence on Jamie Oliver's food and cooking. In Jamie's Italy, he travels this famously gastronomic country paying homage to the classic dishes of each region and searching for new ideas to bring home. The result is a sensational collection of Italian recipes, old and new, that will ensure that Italy's influence reaches us all."

...."beautiful food photography and locales, and, of course, David's sense of dolce vita, the sweet life. It's all about taking a relaxed approach to the everyday, and the foundation of this lifestyle is simple, elegant food"

..."featuring fabulous fast foods, ingenious short cuts,
terrific time-saving ideas and easy, delicious meals"

..."simple, elegant home cooking with good ingredients
and a minimum of fuss"