Spring by Kathryn White

Friday, December 31, 2010

Auld Lang Syne

We are leaving shortly for the Niagara area to spend the day/evening with my family, but I wanted to take a few minutes to wish you all a Happy New Year.
Auld Lang Syne is a Scots poem written by Robert Burns in 1788 and set to the tune of a traditional folk song. It is well known in many English-speaking countries and is often sung to celebrate the start of the New Year at the stroke of midnight.
The song's Scots title may be translated into English literally as "old long since".
It is one of our traditions to listen to this version by Andre Rieu as we have his DVD series.
It is also a tradition of ours as a family to 'pray in' the New Year, remembering all that God has done for us over the past year, and asking Him to lead us into the new year.
It is our prayer for all of our family, friends and acquaintances, including all my kind visitors here, that God may be gracious to you and bless you with health and peace in this new year 2011.

"Many things about tomorrow
I don't seem to understand,
But I know who holds tomorrow
And I know who holds my hand...."

I am leaving you with an Irish blessing that can be found here and here
May the blessing of light be upon you, light on the outside and light on the inside.
With God's sunlight shining on you, may your heart glow with warmth like a turf fire that welcomes friends and strangers alike.
May the light of the Lord shine from your eyes like a candle in the window, welcoming the weary traveler.
May the blessing of God's soft rain be on you, falling gently on your head, refreshing your soul with the sweetness of little flowers newly blooming.
May the strength of the winds of Heaven bless you, carrying the rain to wash your spirit clean, sparkling after, in the sunlight.
May the blessing of God's earth be on you and as you walk the roads, may you always have a kind word for those you meet.
May you understand the strength and power of God in a thunderstorm in winter, the quiet beauty of creation and the calm of a summer sunset.
And may you come to realize that insignificant as you may seem in this great universe, you are an important part of God's plan.
May He watch over you and keep you safe from harm.

Blessings and love,