Spring by Kathryn White

Friday, November 5, 2010

Friesland: Time to Say Good-Bye

It has been an interesting experience for me to blog about our trip but it also gave me the opportunity to digest all that I took in.
I wanted to share this experience with my family in the Netherlands, my family here, my friends, and with you, my readers.
Thank you for taking this journey with me to the land of windmills and wooden shoes, dikes and canals, flower and cheese markets, sheep and cattle, of famous artists such as Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Avercamp, Breughel, and Vermeer and of musicians such as
Andre Rieu.
I will have fond memories of all the many adventures we experienced.
I have learned more of the language, the history, as well as the customs and cultures of the people in the Netherlands,
and of my people in Friesland.
Thank you to our family in Friesland for all your hospitality
shown to us.
We really appreciated everything you did for us.
I am so thankful that we had this privilege and opportunity,
but I am also thankful to be home again as my friend
K so wonderfully stated:
"You really are the quintessential armchair traveler!"

I will remember the towns and villages, the cycling and the boating, the farms and the beautiful landscape:
The ancient churches:

The sleepy villages:

The sea dikes and the sheep:

And the final steam train of the season coming through Ilyst: