Spring by Kathryn White

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Friesland: Home and Garden

The dutch take great pride in their homes and gardens.
They are known to have homes that are:
Schoon, Netjes en Gezellig (clean, neat and cosy)
The dutch women are very skilled when it comes to creating a gezellig atmosphere in the home with plants, fresh flowers and floral arrangements. The lighting is soft and often in the form of many small lamps as well as candles. There is also very little clutter tolerated as the houses are small and space is a premium.
The dutch are considered to be very organized and efficient.

The same can be said of the Frisians.
Every home that I stepped into, was neat and orderly, with floral arrangements and fresh flowers, purchased at the local grocery shop, floral shop or created from their own gardens.

I really enjoyed going for walks in the evening and although it is considered rude manners to be nosy, I just couldn't resist taking in all the details of the homes at night with the candles glowing, the television set on, children practicing their musical instruments, students doing homework at the table while adults read the newspaper.

They have large, clean front windows with curtains left open all the time, both day and night, presenting a cosy picture for those walking by.
Every home showed character and an individual, artistic expression of the family living there as their large picture windows have wide window sills filled with de
cor, often in the form of plants as well as candle lanterns, done with order and symmetry.
We spent two days with our friends, and enjoyed boating as well as shopping with them. Their boat is parked right out front as they have access to the waterways.

Below are just a few of the beautiful homes we saw as well as the lovely gardens:

This was the home my hubby lived in for most of his childhood years until he immigrated to Canada in his early 20's:
He also lived here for his earlier childhood years:
Many of the homes we saw have lovely white lace curtains hanging in the windows, although the younger generation now use blinds:

View through the kitchen/dining room window:
The back garden looks like it is divided into rooms. It is so orderly, peaceful and inviting....great for entertaining!
This is an old traditional farm in Friesland, where the house is attached to the barn with only a wall dividing the two...very interesting!

The gardens were all still blooming with such vibrant colours:

I hope you enjoyed this home and garden tour!