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Friday, October 1, 2010

Autumn Splendour

(Tania Kanae)

I would have to say that
It's my favorite time of year.
The days becoming cooler now,
Fall is finally here.

The leaves are gently falling
And turning awesome shades.
Look around and see the beauty,
That God alone has made.

If you take the time to listen,
You'll hear their laughter ring.
The kid's are rolling in the leaves.
What a happy sound it brings.

This time of year brings thoughtfulness,
On which we can reflect
And time to spend with those we love.
A time to reconnect.

Hold your family close to you,
Autumn's finally here.
So much to be thankful for.
It's my favorite time of year.

It was another glorious day today with blue skies and brilliant Fall colours. My oldest daughter had an afternoon shift, so we took advantage of the morning to take a wonderful hike on a bike/walking trail not far from our home. There was truly an array of Fall colours and each poem I have included shares my sentiments and describes the day to perfection. Enjoy! (click on photos to enlarge for better viewing)

An Autumn Day
(Carmen Lagos Signes)

Pumpkins in the cornfields,
Gold among the brown,
Leaves of rust and scarlet
Trembling slowly down;
Birds that travel southward,
Lovely time to play;
Nothing is as pleasant
As an autumn day!

The Milkweed
(Cecil Cavendish)
The milkweed pods are breaking,
And the bits of silken down
Float off upon the autumn breeze
Across the meadows brown.

Glorious Riot of Colours in the Fall Displays:

Fabulous Fall Display close to my home:

And the inspiration She gave me for my own display:

Autumn is the Time
Vibrant colors,
rustling winds,
amber leaves swept
down from trees,
Long brisk walks,
fireside talk...
Autumn is
a time for these.

Poems found at this great Autumn page.

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