Spring by Kathryn White

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Making Time for Visits

It has been a busy past week again, with trips to the dentist for youngest daughter, extra summer shifts at the library, courses to complete, shopping and maintaining the home on the side.
On Thursday I made time for and enjoyed the company of my friend Shirley and her children who came for a visit and a swim in the pool. When the rains came down, we went inside for games, movie and chatting.
Yesterday my farming brother Dave, his wife and their four adorable, sweet children from the Niagara area phoned to confirm that they were coming and would be arriving by 11'ish.
I set to work with the baking, making oatmeal cookies and more of our favourite butter tarts, (more with recipes next week) cutting bouquets of flowers from the gardens (done by Jill) and set out all their favourite activities they like to do at Aunt Joanne's house.

Butter tarts fresh from the oven:

Garden Bouquet, candles lit, and goodies waiting to be served:

Farm tractors and farm animals for cute youngest boy:

Dora activities for three adorable little girls:

Groovy Girls:

Library Basket of Books:

Some relaxation time for Dad and Mom
while Auntie took care of the children:

Swimming Fun:

Fountains to splash in:

While my family was enjoying time in the pool, I set up a chicken wrap buffet for lunch including a variety of wraps, grilled chicken, red peppers, onions, veggies and dip, chicken fingers for the children, and watermelon for all.
We also received another family in the afternoon who knew my brother and his wife as they used to live in the Niagara area. Their four children were an added delight as they played so nicely together with my nieces and nephew. We had fun gathering the eggs from the hen house, feeding grain and watermelon rinds to the hens who squawked with gratitude, and playing with the 'new' toys and activities.

It was an enjoyable afternoon of reconnecting and sharing, as we enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and the pleasure of a relaxing summer afternoon.