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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Cookbooks and other Library Lovelies

If your summer includes canning, you will love this book!
Canadian author, Yvonne Tremblay, spent summers on a farm in Saskatchewan where canning was a normal part of growing up.
Yvonne recalls that it all started with her grandmother, Margaret Stefan, 'whose kitchen was a source of warmth for body and soul and of good things to eat.'
Yvonne concludes her introduction this way:
"We want to capture summer tastes to savor in the off-season. We want to reconnect with some of the simpler things in life, and feed our souls too.
We want to give presents that reflect a part of ourselves.
We love homemade. We love bread and jam."
This cookbook is so detailed with simple to understand instructions, mouth-watering recipes accompanied by fabulous photos of jams, jellies, marmalades, conserves, fruit butters and chutneys.

If you want to preserve the essence of summer, you will love this home preserving cookbook. Although this book is from the library, I plan to invest in my own copy to use and hand down to my daughters:

Have you heard of the modern Pioneer Woman?
If you love down on the farm goodness you will love this cookbook as well as Ree Drummond's blog,
The Pioneer Woman

I love what Ree shares in her introduction:
"I love cooking. I love raising a family. And I love country life. It isn't worry free or cushy. It isn't seamless, easy or without challenges. But it's perfect for me....It's a daily reminder of a simpler time-a time when folks worked the land, when take-out food was the exception, not the rule, and when decency, kindness, and hard work were the measure of a person's success..."

And my library book pile which is filled with wonderful reading, including cookbooks and food memoirs both of which are favourite reads of mine:

(click to enlarge for titles, all of which can be found with reviews at amazon)