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Friday, July 9, 2010

Five Favourite Fragrances of Summer

My favourite artist, John William Waterhouse is reminding me
to stop and smell the roses for this
Friday's Fave Five, hosted by Susanne over at
Living to Tell the Story

It has been raining steadily this morning bringing with it the scent of rain mixed with cedar mulch, soil and grass...such an earthy and rich sweet smell to breathe in through the open windows. Summer blooms are all around me and I can't resist smelling the flowers as I walk by...so pure and heavenly. The farmers have been cutting alfalfa and clover for hay and I have wondered how I can bottle up such wonderful sweet freshness.
I love the smell of burgers on the barbeque, campfires and roasted hotdogs or marshmallows for s'mores, beaches and sun screen, freshly mowed lawns, chlorine in the swimming pool, citronella oil and lemon verbena candles, sheets and linens drying on the clothesline, roses and peonies, lilacs and lilies, freshly brewed coffee taken outside on the deck or porch.
Added: I can't believe I forgot to mention the fragrance of fresh fruit in season, including our family favourites like peaches, strawberries and watermelon.
(thanks Ellen for reminding me)
It isn't going to be easy, but I'll try to narrow down a few of my favourite fragrances of summer:

1) I love the scent of old-fashioned roses and that's what this perfume/lotion made me think of.

2) The whole kitchen smells fresh and clean when I use freshly squeezed lemons and limes to make lemonade and iced tea as well as in salsa, couscous salad, pica de gallo, guacamole, lemon chiffon cake, lemon squares, lemon meringue pie.

3) I adore the scent of lavender and use it as a natural air freshener in my home during the summer months. I place a few drops of the natural essential oil in the cotton sachet along with lavender seeds and hang it on the door knob of our open front porch door allowing the breeze to bring the scent inside for a clean and aromatic fragrance.

4) I love switching up our shampoos and shower supplies and will use lighter,
fresher fragrances in the summer. Dove has a body wash with a grapefruit and lemongrass scent that smells fresh and clean.

5) And there is nothing like freshly chopped herbs
including basil, oregano, cilantro, dill, parsley, thyme, marjoram, sage,
rosemary, mint,and chives.
"An herb is the friend of physicians
and the praise of cooks." ~ Charlemagne

"No bought potpourri is so pleasant as that made from ones own garden, for the petals of the flowers one has gathered at home hold the sunshine and memories of summer, and of past summers only the sunny days should be remembered."~Eleanor Sinclair-Rhode

"Sweet Smells of Summer" by June Dudley

What are some of your favourite summer scents?