Spring by Kathryn White

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Library Basket Lovelies

After a day of cleaning the house and doing loads of laundry, then working for several hours at the library,
I am ready to put my feet up, and enjoy these books with a lovely cup of tea!
The next few days will be busy with work, but also preparation for a british tea I will be hosting on Friday afternoon as well as a french dinner with our international cuisine/dinner club friends on Saturday evening.
I adore lavender and have it in the garden, use it as a room fragrance, and have used it in tea and shortbread cookies:

This herb book is very comprehensive and informative, as well as having beautiful photographs; a visual for the eye:
"A Quiet Place Where Souls Are Refreshed": And the recipes found in this book are all wonderful, not to mention the lovely photographs that are featured alongside them:
I have ordered another book which hasn't come in yet.
I absolutely love it and have taken it out several times in the past:

And this one is new to me, but looks equally as interesting: