Spring by Kathryn White

Monday, April 12, 2010

Fancy Nancy Tea Party Extraordinaire!

I love the Fancy Nancy series for a number of reasons.

The dramatic flare and exhuberance that is demonstrated by Fancy Nancy, along with the 'fancy' words she uses is charming and educational at the same time.

Nancy is a precocious little girl who loves to play dress-up in her favourite dress, high heels, feather boa and sparkly tiara, while preparing and hosting posh tea parties.

She also demonstrates that there is nothing fancier or better than her family's unconditional love.

Fancy Nancy books teach little girls how to be polite and to use good manners, while containing valuable life lessons.

We plan to host a Fancy Nancy Tea Party at our library soon, so I took the opportunity to practice on my adorable, charming, sweet nieces.

We enjoyed decorating fancy cupcakes with lots of icing and sprinkles:

We then set the table with an elegant lace cloth, adding a silver three-tiered serving platter with our tea snacks which included the decorated cupcakes, lemon squares, as well as a separate platter with shortbread biscuits along with strawberries and clotted cream:
Of course we had to then change into our fanciest dresses, don our tiaras and our boas, then get our nails done in glamorous nailpolish, each little girl choosing her own colour...Ooh la la!

The Tiaras were sparkly and the Boas were so glamorous:

We enjoyed an Elegant Afternoon Tea...

...followed by reading Fancy Nancy books and completing the activity booklet.

We all agreed that it was a party extraordinaire!

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