Spring by Kathryn White

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Blue Skies, Buds and Blooms

We have enjoyed an absolutely wonderful Spring Season so far, very unusual for Ontario. The skies have been blue and the sun has been shining almost every day for the past two weeks. I am thrilled! And the birds.....
I know I mentioned it already, but I get so excited to hear them!
We have our windows open and right now the red cardinal is calling so beautifully
(image from google)

Today is going to be another warm day with a high of 20'c, but I think it might even get warmer than that. My kids all left this morning to their respective locations in shorts or dresses and sandals.

I take a daily walk about, and discovered this week that the Maple trees are in full bud and will begin the task of unfurling their leaves soon:

I spotted a bud ready to make her appearance into a beautiful yellow daffodil:

And our faithful primroses (primula) are blooming in pretty pinks and purples:

I also noticed some new growth and flowers on our heather plant, a plant that will always remind me of my time in Holland!

Heather (Dutch: 'Heide'). Heather is characterised as open, low growing woody vegetation, found on mainly infertile acidic soils. (image from google)